Born by two creative minds, the brand iwoodoo puts the respect for the Nature at the center of his philosophy. All the products are made with recycled materials, 100% natural, nontoxic and hypoallergenic. Each creation has wood as the core material, pure or matched with the horn, the bone, the cork or the leather.

Collections, handmade by artisans 2.0, continually evolve. Each object has a sophisticated design to promote a fashionable style with a low environmental impact. The creative process begins through the desire of rebellion to the traditional schemes, proposing unique objects like the people wearing them.

Mother Nature contributes to our products’ creation so iwoodoo wants to thank her. At the purchase, our customers will receive a little sack with some seeds to plant a tree. Only in this way, we can return to her a little of what she gave us, helping to preserve her beauty for the future generations. With these little actions, iwoodoo express its eco-friendly project.

Who we are

We are Manuel and Tommaso, two young Italian boys with the passion for fashion. After years of experience in this sector, we decided to launch a new challenge based on the strong sense of responsibility that anyone should feel for the Earth. Stop wastes, stop abuses or uncontrolled pollution. We trust that fashion can respect the environment and at the same time can be creative and brilliant. The first collection and the followings were born from that principle.
Our motto? “God save the Italian minds”.

plant a tree